Artists “F”

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Nicole Ferree – A resident of southern PA, and graduate of PA’s College of Art & Design, Nicole works in oils, acrylics, graphite and charcoal. Her passion lies mostly in painting people and animals, but is very happy to take up any challenge and try her hands at something new.
John Fitzsimmons – “My painting explores the space experienced as a “witness to a slice of life”. I gravitate towards the random, the chaotic and the awkward in my painting and I make use of those unresolved tensions.” John is always aware of perspective.
Sue Fletcher – “Interpreting the scene via sketching, painting, drawing makes everything come alive in a whole new way.” is what Sue Fletcher, portrait artist & landscape painter, says is a part of her inspiration. Sue portrait paints near Lubbock, Texas.
Belinda Da Fonseca – A fine artist without limits. ‘Art is my ultimate passion in life and I strive to produce only the best quality of work which goes beyond technical ability to capture the essence of a person or the mood of a moment frozen in time’.
Chris French – Chris takes digital photos of the subject either at his studio or the household / place-of-work of the subject. Then tones the canvas (often with bright acrylic paint), and draws a very skeletal and minimalistic under drawing. The last step is ….
Garland Fulghum – Enjoys painting EVERYTHING… but particularly the wonderful folks he knows and meets. Garland worked with Michael Shane Neal in 2007 and 2008. He is a member of the Portrait Society of America, The American Impressionist Society and …


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