Artists “D”

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Carol DeGregory – True portraiture is about the subject’s personality, a creative vision & consummate artistic skill. Its never easy but always exciting. An experienced artist of many genres, she has earned signature status by the prestigious Northwest Pastel Society as well …
Darla Dixon – “My goal in my portraits is to achieve what I like to call ‘painterly realism.’ – to achieve a likeness of the subject, but to retain the look of hand-created artwork. I paint with pencil and erasers instead of toxic paints and thinners!”
Jan Dolan –  An oil painting should last for centuries. To create fine portraiture, Jan works in oils on hand-woven Belgian linen and use only the highest quality materials. Superior portraiture is founded on classical principles of light and shadow. Jan always ensures that the person is lit by natural, indirect, interior daylight.
George Dowse – “I work in oils and acrylics with an emphasis on portraiture.” George is a member of the Bethlehem Art Association, the Colonie Art League, the Cooperstown Art Association, the American Artists Professional League, the Portrait Society of America, and Oil Painters of America.


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