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Mary Christoff – A Canadian Portrait Artist born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She has had a passion for drawing and arts since a very young age. Her first professional sketches were drawn when she was only 15 years old.
Lynette Conway – “After studying and practicing illustration and then going on to teach, I found myself wanting to do more painting, so I turned my attention to portrait painting, producing portraits of children for their parents and grandparents.”
Karie-Ann Cooper – “I find pencils allow me to create accurate and life-like art which is the dream of all artists. I am besotted with animals and nature so it is logical that they feature in most of my art and that I wanted to work as a pet portrait artist, the local scenery…”
Gradiva Couzin – Specializes in oil portraits on commission and hand-painted copies of old masters. I have painted many commissioned oil portraits of adults, children, and even pets – from photographs and life sitting.
Mary Jane Q. Cross – To learn drawing all over again I taught seven classical studies classes at a local Art Center .  It was a period of time of gaining stronger academic skills. This was also the beginning of my public portrait painting career.

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