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Aline Backes – A self taught genius when it comes to producing fantastically hand drawn and painted portraits from photos in charcoal, pastel and oil. For more than 20 years she has produced works for people from every corner of the Earth and can do the same for you …
Ti Tolpo Bader Arizona artist, Ti (pronounced “Tee”) Tolpo Bader has been a full-time studio artist since 1986. She features fine art commissioned portraits/paintings: adults, children, pets, wildlife, and landscapes in Acrylics or Ink (from photos).
Irene Bailey Working at The PA Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia after studying under Jack Clifton of Hampton, VA, during HS. She finished her Master’s degree in painting from ECU in Greenville, NC. Her personal education continued 2 more years in NY.
Susan Battin – I paint representational works focusing on portraits, figures, city & the essence of my subject as I perceive it. My hope is that each piece I create will allow a person to take a moment to consider the subject and to be renewed through reflection, inspiration or humor.

Hemant Bhavsar – Hemant confesses that it is a god gift to him that he has received inheritance. Specializing in oil portraiture, his subjects range from children and family portraits to personalities in the academic, institutional, and business world & Royal portraits.

William Biggers – You deserve more than just a memory. My specialties are detailed watercolors, oils, drawings, mixed media and acrylics. Let me help you in creating a lasting memory in portraiture…

Robert Binfield – An artist specializing in portraits. I work hard to capture every detail of a person, and use digital photographs and a mix of media to create a true likeness of whoever I’m commissioned to draw or paint.

Peter Bresnen – Studied at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art & Design, he has drawn many portraits in charcoal, pastel & acrylic. In 99′ Peter was commissioned to do the Hall of Fame for the Atlantic Salmon Federation in New Brunswick.

Rose Briccetti – A New York based artist who specializes in figurative and technologically-themed paintings. After growing up in Syracuse, Rhode Island, St. Louis, and Cleveland, she studied painting at the University of Chicago and Washington University.

Dan Bryant – A resident of West Somerset, United Kingdom, Dan is a visual artist available for commissioned work in most mediums from graphical drawings, formal portrait paintings, landscapes …

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