There’s No Better Way to Begin Painting

An underdrawing for the oil painting, Air, by Michael Gormley.
This is an underdrawing for Michael's large oil
painting, Air (72 x 104).

I really feel like I've grown so much during my time at Artist Daily, and in large part that is because of my exposure to the staff of and featured artists in American Artist, which is being led by editorial director Michael Gormley.

He and I were chatting recently and had an illuminating conversation about how both of us came to discover our passion for art, and I wanted to pass along his words of wisdom to you because they rang so true for me. Enjoy!

It's Never Too Late

Some folks are late bloomers; I certainly am when it comes to being an artist. I drew and painted as a kid like most of us did. Like most of us too, I put aside the paints and brushes, along with my other childhood games and pastimes, when it became time to be a serious adult.
I'm not sure why the desire to make art again occurred to me. I was in my mid-thirties, had a good job as a school administrator, and decided it was time to go to graduate school. I reasoned that graduate school would bolster my career, and build upon the choices I had made as an undergraduate and later as a young working adult.  

Death in Venice by Michael Gormley, oil painting.
Death in Venice by Michael Gormley, oil painting.

A funny thing happened while I was looking at graduate schools. I realized that what I really wanted to study was art. I began taking art classes at night, took workshops during the summer, and eventually enrolled as a full-time graduate student. There was so much to learn but for the first time in my life I felt I was really doing what I was meant to do.

Sea Fairies by Michael Gormley, 48 x 104, oil on canvas, 2005.
Sea Fairies by Michael Gormley, 48 x 104,
oil on canvas, 2005.

The editing and writing I do for American Artist celebrates that eye-opening moment of artistic self-discovery. I believe there are lots of people, like me, who have discovered they are artists and want to do something about it. Reading American Artist is a great place to start. Everything you want and need to learn about art, from the best artists and master teachers of our time, is featured here.  
You will find inspiring artist profiles, photo captioned step-by-step guides, and the latest news from our community about exhibitions, workshops and special events. Join our artist community and start receiving your subscription to American Artist. There's no better way to begin than to begin.  



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