Portrait Drawing in Thailand

Sometimes I come across certain artistic gift items that I feel could be truly lucrative bargains and very valuable and a lifelike charcoal pencil drawing, created by a professional, passionate and experienced portrait artist, is one of them.

When visiting the city of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand about two years ago, I saw a number of portrait painting galleries where many portraitists worked painting and sketching brilliant portraits. I soon discovered that the persons featuring in most of the stunning portraits were Westerners and I was absolutely convinced these custom portrait paintings would be everlasting treasures.

It is simply amazing how extremely talented the portrait artists in Chiang Mai are. The black and white charcoal pencil drawings as well as the oil colour portraits they create appear lifelike. So this might be a fantastic opportunity to get a great deal getting a high quality artwork that you’ll cherish forever, while bringing the most precious memories back to life!.

So whether it will be a 25th Anniversary picture, a wedding photo, a picture of your favoured rock star or a photograph of the entire family including the dog, all of them can be turned into lifelike charcoal sketches and canvas portraits. The best news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand. Today, you can order a highly artistic portrait painting easily and safely through the internet.

Early March 2010, the Dutch-managed company was launched, offering portrait commissions online at very affordable prices. Since March the three main Thai portraitists that work for this professional, reliable and efficient online art gallery have created over 70 oil colour portraits and charcoal pencil sketches.

Customers can upload or email photographs, which will be turned into meticulously created portrait art. Creating a portrait will normally take less than five working days while the (free of charge) shipping of the artwork takes around 10 working days.

will be much appreciated gifts that will suit any joyful event or celebration. Three months ago I’ve ordered a magnificent portrait of my son and all my friends and relatives were impressed by the drawing’s artistic brilliance.   

Stuart White has been sketching black & white charcoal pencil drawings since the early 90s. Online the experienced portraitist advises; Buy Quality Portrait Art Online

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