News Flash! Ban the Flashbulbs and Use Natural Lighting for Superior Portrait Photographs at Any Time of Day

Boone, NC (PRWEB) September 11, 2008

Most people believe that outdoor portrait photographs can only be taken using natural light for a couple of hours each day. Now Bobbi Lane, a master portrait photographer who has taken creative portraits for major clients and stock for the past 30 years, dispels this myth and sheds some light on the subject of taking stunning portraits without the aid of flash at any time of day. Lane answers 7 of the biggest questions about natural light portraits on this week’s free “7 Photography Questions” podcast with host Dr. Audri Lanford.

“In natural light I find myself continually amazed at what can happen,” Lane says. “The possibilities are truly endless. A lot of photography classes only talk about light in terms of what’s your exposure, as opposed to the direction, the quality, and the depth of the light. Those are the things that are going to determine what your viewer feels about your subject.”

During this week’s free “7 Photography Questions” podcast, Lane reveals:

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