Attention Michigan Artists:

There is a contest taking place until February 15th where artists, designers, graphic artists, etc. are invited to create a poster in the WPA style to help promote Michigan.

The DIA currently has an exhibition of WPA works.

“The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and Let’s Save Michigan have issued an open call to artists, illustrators, and graphic designers for original posters to inspire Michiganders to revive their state. The new posters should be a call to action, and serve as part of a campaign to rally citizens to do the hard work that’s necessary to position Michigan as a state that will thrive in the future. Ultimately, the posters should aim to be forward-looking, inspirational, and must include the phrase “Let’s Save Michigan” in the design.

The hope is to highlight the actions and assets that are critical to moving the cities forward, whether that is renovating historic homes, planting community gardens, extensive public transportation and bike lines, public art, or whatever the artist believes will carry Michigan through the 21st century—and beyond”

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